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Say hello to Eclectic Elements Rollerballs

Fabulous news! Our Eclectic Elements Eau de Toilette collection is now available in effortlessly elegant travel-size roller balls. A convenient travel and handbag friendly slim-line design that lets you carry one or more of your favourite Eclectic Elements signature scents everywhere you go, ready to apply at a moment’s notice.


boots-copyThe perfect accessory for your hand bag, gym kit or to keep on your desk for a quick retouch of scent. Apply on pulse points; wrists, neck, behind ears and nape of the neck for a longer-lasting effect.

Inspired by the elements – earth, water, air, fire & aether – the Eclectic Elements collection has been created to inspire the modern woman who is in tune with her identities and style.


Explore your unique #scentstyle by creating an eclectic wardrobe of fragrance.  Take your fragrance style from day to night, work to weekend, dress to jeans with just a quick change of fragrance.  Create your own individual #scentstyle that makes you feel empowered, on trend and unique. Starting from just £10, you can now begin your wardrobe of fragrance.

Each fragrance is created with a complex blend of trend led, innovative and classic notes, with the signature scent, Zealous Flower, taking inspiration from all 5 element fragrances. If you’d like to try the Eclectic Elements Collection for yourself, it is now available in-store at Boots stores in the UK. Three scents from our rollerball collection – Crimson Cloud, Cosmic Bloom and Citrine Lagoon are also exclusively available at Boots.

To celebrate the launch of our Eclectic Elements Rollerballs we’re offering the chance to win all six fragrances.

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Eclectic Elements

Wherever there is scent, there is happiness…

Small changes to our everyday routines can have a hugely positive effect on our mood and trying a new scent is one of the simplest things you can do. Very little effort is required, you don’t need to deny yourself anything and fragrances fit everyone!

But which one to choose?

There are so many amazing scents available and there has been a tendency to think that we need to find just one – that perfect combination of top, middle & base notes that projects just the right olfactory image of who we are.Wild GreenWell, we’re not sure about you, but we don’t believe in applying strict rules when it comes to defining who we are. Apart from all being pretty darn amazing, there are so many wonderful dimensions to women’s lives that it just seems unimaginative to think that one fragrance can define who we are, what we do and how we feel from day to day.

Our wardrobes would be an awful lot smaller if we managed to sum up our style in just one outfit – even if there are the ‘goto’ jeans & top that are regularly thrown on! So having the same approach to wearing fragrance seems like a natural thing to do.

Excited by the idea of having an affordable ‘wardrobe’ of fragrances, Bronnley created the new Eclectic Elements collection. Each scent is a complex blend of notes inspired by the elements of the universe – Earth, Aether, Air, Water & Fire.

Since launching the collection we’ve been putting the fragrance wardrobe to the test, so here are a few of our scent styles…

Wild Green

Monday morning and facing hectic week ahead, but Wild Green puts us in the right frame of mind to get things done. Its citrus top notes of bergamot and orange flower keep us alert and motivated throughout the day.

Cosmic Bloom

Meeting friends for a few cocktails and a good gossip is a wonderful tonic to lift your spirits. Cosmic Bloom’s radiant scent is perfect for a girly night out. It combines notes of vanilla, known to encourage feelings of joy & happiness, with vibrant & mysterious black violet.Cosmic Bloom 2

Crimson Cloud

Our recipe for a chilled weekend is Saturday brunch, a bit of retail therapy & a spritz of Crimson Cloud. It’s fruity, floral scent can’t help but make you smile – sweet raspberry, uplifting lemon verbana and base notes of heliotrope keep those relaxed vibes going all day.

Citrine Lagoon

Summer holidays might be a long way off, but this clean & fresh fragrance transports us to sunnier climes. With a hint of adventure and seriously mood-lifting jasmine notes, Citrine Lagoon is the one to choose to banish the winter blues.

Exotic Embers

There are occasions when we really want to make an impression and Exotic Embers delivers the confidence boosting effect we need. Whether it’s an important presentation or a glamorous night out, this scent demands attention. Sensual tuberose is beautifully combined with ruby orange, ginger & amber to produce a fiery fragrance.

Exotic Embers

And launching on February 1st, just in time for Valentine’s Day, is Zealous Flower. Adding yet another dimension to the collection, this new signature fragrance blends perfect beauty with a wild and more uncultivated edge.

Savage Flower 1 copy

Why not sample all the Eclectic Elements collection with our gift box collection of purse-friendly scents?

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