Scented Talcum Powder

At Bronnley, we have a beautiful range of scented talcum powders:


See below for our full range of scented talcum powders, part of the Bronnley Floral collection:

Freesia fragranced Talcum Powder

Lavender fragranced Talcum Powder

Lily of the Valley fragranced Talcum Powder

Orchid fragranced Talcum Powder

Pink Bouquet fragranced Talcum Powder

More about Talcum Powder:

How is talcum powder made?

Talcum Powder is made from the mineral talc. Talc is a common mineral which is found in metamorphic rocks. These rocks are found all over the world including America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

What is its history?

In the days before deodorant, men and women would dust themselves with talcum powder to absorb their perspiration. Later, perfumes were added to make scented talcum powder to leave the skin smelling sweet.

How does Bronnley use it?

Bronnley add beautiful fragrances to talcum powder to create their scented talcum powder. These are used to help dry the skin after bathing but also to lock in the fragrance, so skin stays beautifully scented for longer. To heighten the perfume, add a Bronnley Eau de Toilette of the same floral fragrance

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