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Lavender – Eau De Toilette


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A feminine Lavender Eau de Toilette floral fragrance combining notes of Lavender with warm patchoili and musk, perfect for any occasion.

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A wonderful perfume, blending lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus on a floral herbal heart of geranium, rose and orange flower. Savour this traditional English fragrance used in our soap, fragrance and luxury toiletries.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This fragrance is sublime! When it is sprayed, it makes me feel as though I have been given a large bunch of freshly cut flowers. There is nothing cloying or artificial about this fragrance. The scent is uplifting and so gorgeous.

    I am so pleased that I discovered this lovely fragrance in a garden centre and others have congratulated me for finding such a gorgeous scent and paid me beautiful compliments.

    I may even try using it as a room spray. For my guests, it would be reminiscent of times spent in an orchard or meadow where beautiful, colourful and exquisitely fragrant flowers grow!

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Product Description

Freesia Eau De Toilette, fresh and fruity, with notes of freesia, rose, lilac and iris.