Rose Soap by Bronnley

About Rose Soap

Our sensational rose soap was first made by James Bronnley in the 1890s. Rose Soap and Violet Soap were among the first Bronnley soap to be created when James Bronnley first started the soap business in 1884.

Since then we have adapted and developed both the rose scent and the Rose Soap and mixed with other fragrances. In the 1960s, part of the new Bronnley floral collection was the Geranium and Rose Soap. In the 1990s, Bronnley brought out a Honey and Rose Soap for a short time.

As of 1999, when we entered into a partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, we have been developing beautiful Rose Soap by Bronnley toiletries together, using the finest natural ingredients. Today our RHS Rose Soap, with its lovely rose fragrance is blended with Melissa to create a luxuriously fragrant soap, to help cleanse, tone and soften. All of our soaps are triple milled for extra refinement.

Beautiful, Bronnley RHS Rose soap is sold in the following formats:

RHS Rose toiletries

Bronnley RHS Rose Toiletries
The rest of our RHS Rose toiletries, including hand and body care and fragrances can be seen here.

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