Make an date for your Winter Home Spa Day

 “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” ~ Jane Austen, Emma
Despite well-intentioned resolutions, January is definitely the time of year when we all feel like hibernating. Staying cosy and warm sounds much more appealing to us than venturing out to the gym! And we’re not convinced that this is time of year to start denying ourselves very much of anything, much better to indulge in a little pampering.So with that in mind, here is Bronnley’s guide to a relaxing, stay-at-home Winter Spa:1) Book some time for yourself, when your home is feeling clean and organised (there’s always stuff to be done at home, but not on your Winter Spa day!)


2) Prepare a refreshing & healthy drink to sip throughout your spa time. if you have time, do this the night before and leave to chill in the fridge:

1 litre of water (or however much your largest jug will hold)

4-6 lemons, sliced

A bunch of fresh mint

Simply mix them togther in your jug and leave in the fridge overnight for the lemon and mint to infuse. Strain through a fine sieve, fill your jug and serve in a tall glass with a slice of lemon or lime. Perfect to hydrate your skin and detox your system!

3) Switch your phone off put some relaxing music on, grab a magazine and a bowl large enough to soak your feet. Then find those scented candles you were given for Christmas and head to the bathroom in your fluffiest bathrobe & slippers.

Bronnley LEMON ShowerGel

5) Start your spa with a foot soak. Add some shower gel to the bowl filled with warm water – our Lemon & Neroli Bath & Shower Gel would be perfect to freshen up those tired feet and it has a wonderfully uplifting scent.

HONEY BathElixir-250ml

4) Run a deep bath and add some luxurious bubbles. Honey Blossom Bath Elixir from our Honey Blossom Collection is a rich and comforting bath soak with extracts of Honey, Royal Jelly & Camomile. Sink into your bath and relax.

HONEY BodyWash-250ml

5) Then use a gentle body wash, along with a loofah to scrub away dead skin cells. Honey Blossom Body Wash will work gently and it will add even more bubbles to your spa bath! You’ll soon be feeling stress-free and your skin will be gently cleansed. 

Bronnley ORANGE BodyLotion

6) When you’re ready, gently towel dry skin and moisturise with your favourite body lotion. For a fresh, lasting scent choose our Orange & Jasmine Body Lotion. Its zesty fragrance will energise your senses and leave you feeling warm and glowing. 

7) Then if you have time, do some stretches, paint your nails, read a book or magazine, listen to the radio, watch TV or whatever you fancy to keep you feeling chilled and contented for as long as possible….

Happy Winter Spa Day!




At Bronnley, we use hand crafted methods to blend natures finest fragrant ingredients into enchanting toiletries that captivate your senses.

At Bronnley, we use hand crafted methods to blend natures finest fragrant ingredients into enchanting toiletries that captivate your senses.

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