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Bronnley was introduced as one of the original British perfumery brands, founded in 1884 by James Bronnley, an adventurous and imaginative man whose passion for perfumery led him to travel to France at the age of nineteen, to study the art of developing olfactive scents. Achieving this at a time when creating scent was an art form reserved solely for the Parisian elite perfumers, he applied his skills and knowledge to experiment with fusions that were inherently innovative and held a quintessentially British signature.

In doing so, James Bronnley brought home for the first time, accessible luxury in the form of expertly compiled perfumes and indulgently scented formulations that maintained their popularity, even in times of austerity.

Since these days towards the end of the 19th century, Bronnley has continued to create perfectly luxurious formulas within the UK. All of our fragrances, soaps and toiletries are made in Britain. We are proud to be a British brand, working with British partners and producing quality British goods that are exported all over the world.

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