Eclectic Elements

Enjoy and savour our new Eclectic Elements Collection.

Six compelling scents that are bold and mesmerising. Inspired by the elements of earth, water, air, fire and aether. Zealous Flower, our signature scent, captures the essence of them all. The new distinct signature is the result of unusual ingredient mixes and unexpected textural feels to the notes.


Zealous Flower |  Sparkling fruits embraced in a wild, yet dangerous bloom
Perfect for making a style statement, with trend-led bold colours and a confident attitude #scentstyle

Eclectic Elements is the latest in a long line of Bronnley firsts.

Pioneering beautiful scents in perfectly luxurious formulas and created using the purest ingredients with our 130 years of Bronnley expertise. Collaborating with master perfumers we’ve combined expert knowledge to create our new fragrance compositions.


Wild Green | A walk in the wilderness, leafy and green with the glisten of orange flowers
Perfect for feeling individual. Wear with unique colours and intriguing patterns #scentstyle

Each individual scent is an intricate blend of modern fusions.

The individual fragrances within the collection offer drama, personality and ambience; with a distinctly bold yet vibrant and contemporary composition. Deconstructed ingredients are blended masterfully to become something other than their predictable selves.


Crimson Cloud | A delicious creamy blossom, infused with sparkling berries
Perfect for a girls weekend. Wear with flowing silks and florals #scentstyle

Discover your #scentstyle to create your personal fragrance wardrobe

Eclectic Elements offers a wardrobe of fragrances to choose from. An invitation to select a scent to match your day and what you want from it.


Citrine Lagoon | A fresh, zesty twist on a light ocean breeze
Perfect for chilling out. Wear with laid back, cool casual style #scentstyle

Each fragrance delivers a compelling and complex scent.


And each one is available in three formats – Eau de Toilette, Eau Fraiche and new Rollerball, offering a luxurious and long-lasting scent experience.


Cosmic Bloom | A pop of citrus energy, radiating bright sunshine
Perfect for adding some sparkle to anything you wear #scentstyle

Exotic Embers is the element of surprise, crackling embers coming to life adding an intensity of warmth.

It rises through ruby red citrus notes flaming with the tropical, narcotic flowers of tuberose, gardenia and ylang ylang. A medley of woods with smoked edges, almost burnt sugared plum and flickering hot spices embracing warmth of the fire into a deep base of labdanum and glowing amber.


Exotic Embers | A blend of sensual spiced woods, glowing with the warmth of amber
Perfect for making an impression. Wear in the evening with vibrant rich colours and statement jewellery #scentstyle
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