Dusting Powder

Bronnley Dusting Powder

A delicate and silky dusting powder is the perfect finishing touch to leave your skin feeling soft and gently fragranced. With each of ours coming with a soft puff, simply dab the powder over your body to finish your bathing experience and leave you feeling fresh.

Our collection of floral powders are designed to gently absorb moisture and excess oils from your skin, leaving you comfortable and refreshed.

How To Use Dusting Powder

Using the enclosed soft puff, dab the powder gently to pick some up, then dab wherever on your body you would like it applied. Used frequently, it can also help to reduce chafing, so it can be a real benefit to those with dry skin who find it uncomfortably rubbing on their clothes. The powder will create a thin, silky and lightly scented layer to help protect and keep you feeling fresh and comfortable. We can’t think of a more perfect way to finish a bath-time ritual.

Where To Buy Dusting Powder

At Bronnley, we have a range of beautifully fragranced powders.

See below for our Floral range, part of the Floral Collection:

In proud partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, we also offer a collection of RHS Dusting Powders in our most sought after fragrances. These carefully curated scents feature classic floral themes, inspired by the stunning aromas found in nature:

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