Bath Time Treats


With all the stresses of day-to-day life, our Marketing Assistant Beth looks at ways to relax after a long day, and how to run the perfect bath to unwind.

Bath Time Treats


With winter now fully upon us, there’s never been a better time to cosy up and enjoy some well-deserved ‘me time’… !

Turn the heating on, unpack your warm winter jumpers, spend evenings snuggled under a blanket watching your favourite film or reading a good book and last but by no means least… be sure to treat yourself to a long luxurious bath time experience.


Bath Time TreatsI love bath times and taking time out to pamper myself, from knee deep bubbles and softly flickering candles to fluffy towels and heavenly scented body lotions, here’s my guide to creating the perfect night-time bathing retreat…

1. For me preparation is key, so first pop your pjs and a big fluffy towel on a radiator to warm. Light a beautifully scented candle to create a relaxing spa feel and dim the lights to soften your mood.
2. Pop in the bath plug and pour bubble bath under running water; for me it’s not a question of whether to add bubbles, but more a question of how much to add… and I like lots of bubbles, so I add oodles…
3. Once your bath is run there’s nothing left to do but to get in and enjoy it for as long as you like whilst listening to some favorite music, enjoying a good read or just closing your eyes and relaxing – an accompanying cup of tea or glass of prosecco are of course completely optional!
4. When you’re all washed and revitalizing, dry yourself off, apply lashings of moisturizing body butter, then spritz all over with your favorite fragrance.
5. Finally slip into those cosy warm pjs and get yourself to bed… zzzzzzzzzz…


Bath Time Treats

We’re super excited about the launch of our new Eclectic Element luxury scented candles and divine body butters.

The candles are the perfect addition to any bath time and provide up to 45 hours of fragrance enjoyment… don’t stay in the bath that long though as your toes will be super shriveled!

And, the body butters are so rich and indulgent, they’re definitely an after bath moisturising must have; enriched with moringa oil they’ll leave your skin feeling silky soft and smelling divine.

TOP TIP: To make a fragrance last is to moisturize your skin first with a good body cream, so apply our Eclectic Elements body butter before you spritz the matching EDT and you’ll smell gorgeous all day long.

Enjoy the bubbles…
Beth Pickett
Self-confessed bath time addict & Marketing Assistant at Bronnley

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